Our process

All our vegetables and fruits are locally sourced  and are collected fresh outside our kitchen. It then goes through a separate quality control process by our in-house food technologist who then checks them for quality and selects only the best fruits and veggies to be juiced. 

We at Amaari take safety very seriously! The veggies and fruits are washed thrice in clear running water to make sure it is safe. Our premises and workspace are thoroughly sanitised each morning before we begin work.

 We also make sure our kitchen and delivery staff wear masks and gloves at all times and conduct regular temperature checks. 

Our state of the art cold press -masticating juicer slowly crushes the fruits and vegetables at low temperatures for maximum nutrition. Since cold pressed juices lack the fibrous pulp of whole fruits , the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body and starts to work as soon as it enters the body by giving an instant kick of energy. 

We, at Amaari, take only pre-orders so that we are well prepared to serve you only freshly prepared juiced just minutes before delivering . we absolutely do not add sugar, or preservatives to our juices and neither do we subject our juices to any kind of heat treatment, which means our juices are raw and highly rich in nutrients but also means it can spoil soon. 

We strongly recommend drinking our juices immediately or refrigerate immediately and drink them within 24 hours to gain maximum freshness and nutritional benefits.

All our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. We only order fruits and vegetables according to exactly the number of orders we have to deliver in a day making us a sustainable and highly waste-efficient business. 

So go ahead, do your bit for your health and planet! (Link to products)